Walks and Play Time

A great option for working pet parents, those recovering from surgery, hospitalization, illness, less mobile senior citizens or simply because you can’t get home in time. Daily exercise and play time is essential to your dog’s health, happiness and sociability. Your dog is at a most blissful state while walking, playing with buddies or fetching a toy. With no exercise or interaction, the anxiety and energy builds making your long days even longer days for your dog. Instead of returning home to a wound up dog when you’d like to wind down, let ROCK STAR PET SERVICE give them daily walks, jogs and play time. You’ll come home to a happier, healthier, well behaved dog. Everyone’s happy! 
~Added benefits of dog walking: Healthy weight,       socialized, anxiety and aggression reduced, excess energy burned, regular walks keep claws “filed.”
~Walk/Play time is devoted to your pets only.
~Prices include up to 2 dogs. More than 2, add $3 per additional dog or you can choose to split walk time. Daily or one time visits, no minimum required.

20 minutes – $14
40 minutes – $19
60 minutes – $25
90 minutes – $35

Initial “meet and greet” visit is FREE. 

At Home Pet Sitting

Enjoy your time away, even if you can’t take your best friend with you. While you’re gone they’ll have their own pampered “stay-cation!” ROCK STAR PET SERVICE comes to your house, a MUCH better alternative and less expensive than “dog boarding.” Leaving your furbabies with strangers at a “pet hotel” or unsanitary kennel often leads to stress, anxiety and exposure to sick animals. Instead they’ll sleep in their own beds at home with all the comforts of their familiar sanctuary, not confined to a cage or small space for days at a kennel. At Home Pet Sitting is healthier for your pet, mentally and physically.
~At Home Pet Sitting visits include dog walking/jogs, play time, food & fresh water, special needs, medications, brushing, belly rubs, and lots of LOVE.
~As a courtesy while you’re away, we can collect the mail and newspapers, draw blinds, take care of trash day and water the plants.
~We know pet parents worry about their furbabies, so we’ll update you with calls, pictures, texts or emails. Whatever eases your mind.
~A 3 visit minimum per day is required for dogs for At Home Pet Sitting. You can choose different durations to suit your pet’s needs and your peace of mind. 
~Multiple pet household? No problem! Longer visits allow more play time for the whole pack. 

20 minute visit – $14   
40 minute visit – $19   
60 minute visit – $25
90 minute visit – $35

Initial “meet and greet” visit prior to At Home Pet Sitting start date is FREE.


Do you dread doggie bath time? Let us do the dirty work and return home to a clean and beautiful dog! They’ll get the full ROCK STAR treatment with shampoo, thorough towel dry followed by a cool blow dry to ensure hydration is maintained. 

Small dog (up to 24 lbs)  $20
Medium dog (25-40 lbs)  $26
Large dog (41-60 lbs)  $33
X Large dog (61-85 lbs)  $39
XX Large dog (over 85 lbs) $46

PAWdicure (Nail Trim/Grind) With Bath - Add $18
PAWdicure Only - $25

Pet Taxi

When you’re unable to take your pet to the vet, groomer or other appointment, call ROCK STAR PET SERVICE!  They’ll be safe and secure buckled in with a harness attached to the seat belt or a secured travel crate provided by you.

$32 per hour

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